Behavior Edit. The model is based of the awesome Parasaurolophus from Lieutenant Ghost. The Parasaurolophus(Pair-uh-soar-all-o-fuss) (near-crested lizard) Para or Parasaur is a species of hadrosaurid which lived in North America about 70.5 - 66.5 MYA in the Late Cretaceous Period in many geological sites like the Fruitland, Kaiparowits and Dinosaur Park Formations. Parasurolophus was a large hadrosaur most well known for its crest, which was a large nasal cavity shaped like an elongated tube. Ces animaux ont vécu au Crétacé supérieur , durant une partie du Campanien , il y a entre 76,6 et 73 … The Parasaurolophus lived in the forest region, but it has also migrated to the plains, semi-arid and the swamp regions. Parasaurolophus est un genre éteint de dinosaures appartenant à l'ordre des ornithischiens, au sous-ordre des ornithopodes et à la famille des hadrosauridés [1].Ces animaux ont vécu au Crétacé supérieur, durant une partie du Campanien, il y a entre 76,6 et 73 Ma (millions d'années), dans l'actuelle Amérique du Nord.Au moins une quinzaine de fossiles ont été découverts en 2008 [1]. Parasaurolophus est un genre éteint de dinosaures appartenant à l'ordre des ornithischiens, au sous-ordre des ornithopodes et à la famille des hadrosauridés [1]. A Parasaurolophus can be up to 7-8m tall and it is short as 5-6m tall. e: Brachiosaurus was a very large sauropod dinosaur. Parasaurolophus and Other Duck-Billed and Beaked Herbivores by David West, 9781433942273, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Parasaurolophus is even bigger than Stegosaurus (roughly the same height, but up to 40 feet or 12 meters long) and is a herbivore too. If you want to see the carnivore's list, go to Carnivore Branches. It's hard to decide when it comes to carnivores, though when we're on about typical theropod type, Eustreptospondylus. Edmontosaurus is a genus of hadrosaurid dinosaur that originated from Late Cretaceous North America. Un problème dans l’étude des dinosaures herbivores est que le nombre de caractéristiques que nous pouvons leur indiquer au moyen de fossiles est faible si nous le comparons avec les carnivores. Others are better suited to avoiding fights. There are many herbivores that are used quite a bit for one reason or another. PARASAUROLOPHUS walkeri Parasaurolophus is the most famous of the crested hadrosaurs. Le Parasaurolophus est un dinosaure herbivore qui respirait l'air de la Terre à l'époque du Crétacé supérieur ainsi qu'une partie du Campanien, il y a de cela entre 76 et 73 millions d'années, en Amérique du Nord. Instead of Ankylosaurus and Stegosaurus, Parasaurolophus walks on two legs and has no armor, which is compensated by its keen senses. Parasaurolophus was the second dinosaur revealed for the game, being seen hunted by the Tyrannosaurus in the first trailer for Jurassic World Evolution. It could walk on either two legs or all four. Parasaurolophus model. As a hadrosaur, the Parasaurolophus lacks the major offensive capabilities of the other herbivores currently in the game. Equally at home alone or in herds and among the largest species of hadrosaur, Edmontosaurus is one of the first dinosaurs available to the Hammond Foundation on Isla Matanceros. ; Parasaurolophus was the eighth dinosaur to receive a Species Profile, on 9 March 2018.; The base genome of the Parasaurolophus is based on its depiction on the pre-production models made for The Lost World: Jurassic Park. It is the easiest dinosaur to kill and indeed it is very fast. Arenysaurus(and Hadrosaurids in general) for herbivores. Researchers estimate that the Parasaurolophus was around 9.5 metres (31 feet) in length and weight around 2.7 tons. It was originally the largest animal in the Carnivores series, featured in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, and cannot be visibly killed. The Parasaurolophus will run from combat and is perhaps the most suitable fast moving land mount until the Raptor can be obtained, although they should always be kept out of combat unless you upgrade damage. Dondi has stated it to be one of his favorite dinosaurs. They use their large tube-shaped crests to emit loud trumpet-like bellows, which they use to communicate with other Parasaurolophus over great distances. This is a list of recommended herbivore roles. Some herbivores are strong dinosaurs that can tank almost everything in their path. Parasaurolophus is a passive, pointable herbivore.

The Parasaurolophus or Parasaur is a medium-sized herbivorous dinosaur found on the Ark. It was small animal, compared to the other North American hadrosaurs, but it had the largest crest of any duck-bill. Étymologiquement parlant, le terme Parasaurolophus a été formé de trois termes grecs ancien para (près, parallèle), saurus (lézard) et lophos (crète), ce qui nous donnerait comme traduction : … Parasaurolophus is a medium sized herbivore and currently the only ornithopod in the game, soon to be joined by the small Oryctodromeus and later by the semi-aquatic Lurdusaurus. There will be two versions of Parasaurolophus. Parasaurolophus feeds mainly on low-growing vegetation, although they are known to commonly feed on aquatic plants, as well; they use their powerful legs and muscular tails to swim. As a large herbivore that relies on migration to avoid dangerous carnivores you should take care not to stay in one place for too long, as it will attract large carnivores such as Tyrannosaurus and Acrocanthosarus, which are threats to Parasaurolophus, even if you are in a large herd.

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