She rebelled, and a mage named Tranzig turned her to stone in the ensuing fight. Branwen had no idea that the group was participating in banditry, however, and on their first raid, she balked at attacking a caravan of unarmed merchants. Branwen is a female cleric in Baldur's Gate. With a scroll of stone to flesh, you can release and recruit her. In 1998 Interplay published a role-played game set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe called "Baldur's Gate". Found in the Hall of Wonders in West Baldur's Gate at night. 2. Siła: 13 Imię: Branwen Zręczność: 16 Rasa: Człowiek Kondycja: 15 Płeć: Kobieta Inteligencja: 9 Klasa: Kapłan Mądrość: 16 Charakter: Neutralny Charyzma: 13 Biografia: Zapytana o przeszłość, BRANWEN ujawni, że jako dziecko opuściła dom w Seawolf na wyspach Norheim.
Despite the unfavorable outcome, Branwen feels that Tempus views her actions approvingly. Invoker Human Female, Lawful Good Basically, he'd be an inferior clone of the protagonist. I started to write a game mod for Baldur’s Gate 2, your favourite cleric, Branwen returns to Ankathla. Baldur's Gate I (1998), Tales of the Sword Coast (1999), Baldur's Gate II (2000), and Throne of Bhaal (2001) are ©BioWare. Three more - Edwin, Minsc and Rasaad can be found in Nashkel, Branwen can be found in the carnival adjacent to Nashkel, Dorn will be encountered as you travel to the Nashkel Mines (whether you actually intend to do anything there or not at the time is another story!) She can become a heavy armored shield frontliner, too, just like Viconia, but she remains a pure cleric. Do not doubt that Branwen is capable to battle and conquer her worries, and indeed pretty much anything, on her own. In general, Yeslick is a much more versatile character than Branwen. Branwen's Romance is, perhaps, what you would have expected it to be. The neutral good cleric of Tempus can be found in the Bridge district. But since you're already playing a ranger/cleric, he wouldn't add that much. Elle a dû quitter son foyer, Loup de mer, sur les îles Norheim (loin au nord), parce qu'elle souhaitait devenir prêtresse, activité réservée aux seuls hommes. Branwen personnage non joueur Baldur's Gate clerc. Branwen for BG2 is a one-week NPC of sorts, but she's got all content you'd expect from a modern romanceable NPC in BG2, including flirts, a friendship path, additional plot-related conversations, Bodhi's abduction, Saradush talk and Gorion's Wraith sequence. Coran. Phase 3: Romances (with Ajantis, Branwen, Coran, Dynaheir, Shar-Teel and Xan) - Released in October 2005 ©2004 - present, The Gibberlings Three. Dynaheir. Branwen (Baldur's Gate) Amelyssan (Baldur's Gate) mentioned character deaths; Mentions of other characters - Freeform; Three priestesses arguing and a half-divine dwarf with a headache; Summary.

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Branwen est une clerc de Tempus, le Seigneur des Batailles. Baldur's Gate series Viconia v. Branwen (24 posts) solved (24 posts) solved (24 posts) solved. She is first encountered at the Nashkel Carnival, in the shape of a petrified stone statue. Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Branwen.

She’s followed you from Baldur’s Gate. Cleric Human Female, True Neutal Str 13, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 9, Wis 16, Cha 13 Carnival. ... As much as I like Branwen in my parties, Branwen cannot really replace either one. A warrior priestess, strong and outspoken, craving physical love rather than romantic one, valuing strength, courage and honor in battle above all else. Figher/Thief Elf Male, Chaotic Good Str 14, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 16 First Cloakwood Area. It went on to become one of the most popular non-MMO (massively-multiplayer) RPGs of all time, and spawned a sequel and three related titles (Icewind Dale, Icewind Dale 2, and Planescape: Torment), which would all be considered classics in their own rights.

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