Bertrand Mandico is a French experimental film director of short films, medium-length films, experimental essays, and one feature film. The Wild Boys (Bertrand Mandico, 2018) is a wildly eccentric, erotic tale of four young men who commit a rape and are taken to a mysterious island to be rehabilitated by a Dutch captain. Bertrand Mandico is fascinated by bodies; he’s provoked by them, he paints them, he changes, moves and deforms them, and takes them from one shape into the next. Arnarstrapi, Iceland. MUBI Rental. Rent for $3.99 Bertrand Mandico's Cinema. Bertrand Mandico France, 2013. They claim that Trevor, the name they have for the mysterious entity representative of their collective rage, is what compels them to committing violent acts.

It doesn’t matter who the parts belong to, what matters is that they move in front of the camera. The Wild Boys, his first feature film, was named the top film of 2018 by Cahiers du cinema.His films are often interested in the body and gender fluidity and incorporate photos and written elements. In a Cabaret, a woman master of ceremonies performs an esoteric … Bertrand Mandico's Cinema Bertrand Mandico's Cinema Prehistoric Cabaret.

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